Why create a company blog?

Favoring the generation of traffic on the Internet, the corporate blog presents several advantages for the companies. In addition to allowing the company's know-how and skills to be showcased, it enhances the company's value. Thanks to this tool, the company can become an expert in its field.

An effective marketing technology

Increasingly used, the corporate blog is one of the most used marketing technologies to generate traffic on the Internet. It is full of assets. Unlike the website, the corporate blog is an informal communication space. It allows you to communicate indirectly about the structure and/or its products and/or services. The company blog presents relevant articles that are regularly updated. These texts deal with a specific theme. The technology aims to position the company as an expert or reference in a specific sector. It improves the company's visibility. The professional blog cannot replace the company's website.

To stand out from the competition

Allowing the company's expertise to be demonstrated, the business blog provides a competitive advantage for the organization. It helps the latter to provide more content than its competitors. Thanks to the visibility provided by the technology, the search engines benefit from a better positioning. Less formal than the showcase site, the blog humanizes the brand. The tone used in this technology is freer than in the website. The essence of the company is expressed by the writers and collaborators. The information about the company's products is less commercial in a blog, which enhances the image of the company.

A communication medium

The blog is an effective communication medium. It allows to communicate the news and the products of the company to the customers. As a revolutionary tool, it allows a good diffusion of information. If the information is interesting, it will be quickly shared by readers on social networks. The company can, for example, give details about unusual uses of its products or reveal the behind-the-scenes via a process. During a promotional campaign, the company can reproduce its communication materials on the blog. It is also effective in telling the history of the company. With branded content, the structure goes beyond the commercial framework. The blog will become a source of information and entertainment for the readers, thus offering an enriching brand experience. Note that nearly 70% of customers learn more about a company from articles than from advertisements. Avoid sharing a purely promotional article that might annoy some readers.

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