Which dematerialization solutions for your company?

The paperless exchange of various documents within the company is becoming a concern for managers. Not only it reduces the cost, but also, it will bring changes in the internal and external organization of the company. This change will impact all processes starting from logistics and accounting to marketing. Dematerialization is not an easy task. The involvement of all stakeholders is essential so that the objective is achieved. The choice of dematerialization solution is a way to optimize the different costs. Is dematerialization a solution for the company?

How to make the right choice of dematerialization solution?

Making the right choice of dematerialization project is the basis of the project's success. The project aims to digitize all documents such as the stock sheet, the pay slip, the invoice, and the documents that require the use of paper. In order for the processes to adapt quickly to the project, a preliminary study is essential to determine the needs of each process concerned. The entire system is affected by this change. The person in charge has to make in-depth studies of the expectations and needs of the users and collaborators so that the project will lead to the expected result. After a long reflection and exchange between the entities concerned. The next step is the implementation of the project chosen and validated by the leaders of the company.

How to start the dematerialization project?

The implementation of dematerialization is the heart of the project. The project manager plans the various interventions such as the installation of the software and hardware, and the training of the employees. After the planning, he proceeds to the realization of the various tasks in each process. The follow-up of the work done is essential in order to evaluate the success of the project and to bring corrective actions if necessary. The dematerialization solution includes the use of specific software for the company, but there is also standard software.

What are the different dematerialization solutions?

Opting for a dematerialization solution requires the use of the software. Some companies develop their own software for their dematerialization project. There is also standard software such as ERP, this software allows to automate the process within the company (sales management, payroll management, accounting as well as inventory management). All operations related to these processes are carried out in this software. There is also the Electronic Document Management (EDM), this kind of software gives companies perfect control of the management of these documents. This software can be used in parallel with an ERP. The dematerialization solution is a step that all companies must take. For this project to reach its final result, each stakeholder must be involved, because this requires a lot of care and dedication.

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