What are the advantages of freelance administration?

Freelance administration is currently one of the most flexible forms of employment for a company wishing to launch an independent activity or test a new activity. It is a tripartite relationship between the client company, the freelance administration company, and the freelancer. The ported employee offers his know-how and his competence to the client while benefiting from a flexible and more secure status. Whether it is for the client company or for the employee, freelance administration offers many advantages to discover.

More flexible and secure work

An employee benefits from both the social protection of employee status and the autonomy of self-employed status. To this end, he or she will be able to negotiate prices and freely determine the services offered. In the same way, he/she decides on the organization and execution of his/her mission, place of work, and time with the client company. In addition to the freelance administration agreement, the existence of an employment contract also allows freelances to enjoy all the advantages of employee status, namely: health insurance, retirement, employment insurance, mutual insurance, and complementary health insurance.

The possibility of devoting yourself entirely to your mission

The umbrella company takes care of the administrative management of the consultant's activity. Starting with the creation of the legal structure, passing by the drafting of the commercial contract, without forgetting the management of the taxes on companies and the follow-up of the accountancy: the ported employee will just have to pay the management fees in return. Consequently, the freelance administration offers the possibility (to many independent workers) to concentrate on the core business, on the development of their professional activity and their notoriety, as well as on the research of new missions.

Support and a permanent accompaniment

The company offering freelance work assists the ported employee in the development of his activity while giving him the essential advice for the success of his project. In addition, the ported employees will have access to workshops or various training courses adapted to their specific needs (price negotiation, maintenance, development of their network, etc.). As a freelancer, it is also possible to join a community of experts in order to benefit from exchanges and feedback on experiences. In short, freelance administration is the ideal solution to enhance one's image with a lower risk.

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