For whom is the PIM tool intended?

Purchasing and marketing teams are facing a considerable development of product data and references. This is a reality that employees within a company are required to appropriate on a daily basis. PIM or Product Information Management is considered an indispensable tool for relationship marketing and data management. This solution has also become the assurance of good product management in a multi-channel universe. But who is the PIM solution really for?

PIM (product information management): definition

PIM, product information management, also known in French as gestion de l’information produit (GIP) refers to a tool used to collect, enrich and manage various information about the sale of products. The ultimate goal of the PIM solution is essentially used to guarantee the management of all the product data of an establishment. Therefore, the PIM software collects and centralizes this information from different sources such as an ERP or a CRM. In addition, the PIM coordinates the publication of product content to sales media: catalog, Marketplace, website, sales space, and many others. The concept of the ILM solution emerged at the beginning of the digital age. If you used to communicate your product content via a given catalog, now generate more sales with the Goaland PIM solution.

Why is it worth choosing a PIM solution?

Any company that wants to promote its brand should be on all fronts. Information has to be distributed quickly on several different channels. Good planning is essential to be able to prepare for unforeseen events: deployment of an event strategy, addition or replacement of a supplier, launch of a new product line, etc. When done right, a PIM application is the key to a company's business success. The fact of betting on such a strategy allows you to benefit from many advantages such as the optimization of the ROI, the reinforcement of the communication between the manager and the employees, more efficient storage of information, etc.

Who is the PIM solution for?

PIM software is aimed at companies that offer commercial products to their customers. These solutions are also suitable for small companies and large groups. In addition, this tool can be useful for teams in charge of managing marketing, sales, or content data. The PIM solution is an unmissable tool for businesses related to communication, e-commerce, marketing, etc.

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