Tips for developing your professional network

Having a professional network is essential to boost, develop or diversify your business. It is, therefore, crucial to develop this network. This can be done in different ways, either on the field or on the Internet.

Make an assessment of your current network

The first step in expanding your professional network is to look at your current one. When it is well established, it needs to be centralized and organized. To do this, you can create groups specific to your activity. You can, for example, group together your collaborators, your acquaintances, your prospects, your clients, etc. By taking this first step, you will understand that your professional network is most essential. In addition, you will have a basis to pursue your mission: to grow this professional network. It is also necessary to consolidate your network on a single medium. If you have a management software solution, you can use an address book and add your professional network. With multiple features, you can generate groups, categorize contacts, and record all relevant information. Your contacts can then be extracted according to one or many characteristics. This allows you to communicate better. If you do not have software, you can use an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also allows you to list, categorize and make the most of your professional network.

Expand your current network by adding various groups

Now that you have understood and organized your professional network, you need to expand it. To do this, all you have to do is complete it. For example, if you have designed a group with collaborators, you need to make sure they are all present. You can also expand your professional network by including your distributors, suppliers, accounting firm, delivery people, and companies that you collaborate with regularly or occasionally? Remove the various existing connections to create one single professional network.

Maintain your professional network

Once you have organized and expanded your professional network, it is necessary to continue to manage and enrich it. Dedicate a portion of your time, each week, to animating your professional network. Stay connected, get news and try to expand your network again and again. Having a professional network only brings benefits. If you are campaigning, your network will help you better define your market and optimize conversions. If you are looking for new employees, your professional network will allow you to target the best profiles. Developing your professional network, also allows you to improve your expertise.

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