PIM for more reliable data sources

Product Information Management (PIM) is a marketing solution that includes a product database. The objective of PIM is to ensure the reliability and quality of the product information provided. To achieve this, the PIM must be fully integrated with the company’s information system and provide complete, accurate, and up-to-date data at all times.

What is PIM?

PIM has evolved in the early 21st century with the development of the Internet, the Marketplace, multi-channel customer journeys, and mobile applications.

As an element of trust, information must be reliable and complete, even if it risks breaking the relationship with the customer. For companies, this is a challenge because the customer experience must be optimized. Ideally, product features should be accompanied by visual images, descriptions, and scenarios. The role of PIM is to maximize product value across all catalogs and marketing content; PIM can facilitate competitive profiling and enhance the customer experience. You can create optimal product experiences with goaland.com.

PIM: Increase efficiency

PIM solves the problem of managing product information from multiple sources. Data can be better managed and distributed to marketing, media, design, or user departments. A common PIM space enables consistent data enrichment and better traceability. Automating the verification of specific information can speed up the delivery of content for online stores, sales catalogs, and advertising. Ultimately, this will allow stakeholders to share necessary product data more quickly and efficiently. Misunderstandings and delays can be eliminated. As a result, lead times can be reduced while maintaining reliability.

What are the benefits of PIM?

PIM enables centralized management of product data. This eliminates the need to update data from multiple files and reduces the risk of error. The PIM allows changes to be quickly disseminated through distribution channels directly linked to the PIM, such as e-commerce sites. The result is a database and distribution channels that are updated with the latest values. PIM saves a lot of time. In short, PIM software is gaining popularity among businesses as a way to easily update and efficiently distribute product data in an increasingly connected society.