How to properly organize the product information on your website?

It takes a lot of time and care to organize your product information to meet the needs of your visitors. A well-presented and well-structured website with real and clear product data are essential to be visible and known online. It is also a crucial step to be able to convert visitors into regular customers.

Organizing product information: the basics

On your website, the product information must be organized meticulously and strategically. The idea is to group products with identical themes in a catalog. Encourage a better structuring of your categories and your menu for better navigation on the site. Think about the fact that the user of your site can find information in 3 clicks at most. A limitation of the categorization to three levels is also recommended to avoid tiring the visitors. Don’t forget to include essential features such as the search bar, filters, and sorting as well as the shopping cart. You can organize your product information management here.

Ensure a good content of your product sheets

Product sheets are necessary to better present your products. They must describe your offers precisely. In this case, mention in a clear and comprehensible way, the name of the product, its reference, and its price. In addition, you should include photos and/or videos that allow you to visualize the article. The same goes for the product description and the technical data sheet. On your site, the product sheet must also include a quantity button, add to cart, and variants. Concerning the price, it must be inclusive of tax and not exclusive of tax. The goal is to prevent customers from being dissatisfied with your product.

Think about additional services

Apart from this information, also define the types of payments to make your product information available on your site. Moreover, delivery, after-sales service, and in-store pick-up are also important. We can also distinguish the Click & Collect the Drive, and other additional services that your site offers to its buyers. For an online store site, do not forget to contact a lawyer for the drafting of the General Conditions of Sale. Therefore, organize your product data in an optimal way by using a dedicated tool. The PIM software can facilitate your task for well-structured and detailed product information that is attractive on your site. Its functionalities guarantee a centralization of data and better management of product information.