How to finance your project with Crowdfunding?

Currently, it is possible to find funding for a project on crowdfunding platforms available on the Internet. This type of financing can take several forms depending on different factors. However, the choice of the type of financing is generally up to the project owner.

What is crowdfunding?

It is a type of participative financing that allows to fund projects of creation, recovery, or development of activities. Generally speaking, crowdfunding is used to complement other financing solutions. These include bank loans, honorary loans, or micro-credits. With crowdfunding, you have the possibility to widen your contacts with funders. The latter can act either to multiply their income or in a philanthropic approach. The process of crowdfunding is essentially done on the Internet. Crowdfunding allows to collect funds through platforms available on the Internet. Through these platforms, contributors can choose to directly finance various identified projects in a collective and traceable manner.

What to do to succeed in a crowdfunding campaign?

Even before embarking on a crowdfunding campaign, it is important to know the different drivers of this mode of financing. This gives you the opportunity to use it effectively for your benefit and that of your company. The first step takes place before the campaign. It is essential that the project is well matured before you embark on it. It is easier to find funders with mature and concrete projects. You must develop your communication skills. Nowadays, a perfect mastery of social networks is also a key element to succeed, so you must be well prepared. Of course, you need to make a complete evaluation of the time and energy you and your team will devote to the campaign. The same goes for the budget to launch the communication campaign.

During and after the campaign

During the crowdfunding campaign, you should be well informed about the operating mode and the different rules of the platform you will choose. Then, you can define your targets. To launch the campaign, it is best to ask your relatives to share the information that they will participate in the campaign on different social networks. Then, you can implement your communication plan, such as news, mobilization of important personalities to make the buzz, or simply information publications. Apart from your web activities, it is also very important to be in physical contact with the funders. Once the campaign is over, it is important that you learn from it. This is true whether your campaign is successful or not. Take into account all the feedback you have received. Don't forget to inform your backers about the progress of the project and to honor the rewards you have promised.

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