Company domiciliation : how to choose the address of your head office?

A company must have a registered office. This is the same as its administrative address, that is, in a way, its legal residence. The address of the company's registered office appears on all commercial documents, invoices, purchase orders, etc. When choosing the headquarters, different solutions exist. It is possible to opt for premises belonging to the company, rented premises, or premises made available free of charge.

A company must have only one registered office

In case your company has premises such as a sales outlet, it is not obligatory to declare it as a registered office. The place of business cannot necessarily be the company's headquarters. In fact, the registered office is usually the confirmed address of the company's management. A company can only have one registered office. This means that it is quite possible to declare many establishments in addition to a registered office. If this is the case, they are called secondary establishments. If the registered office performs all functions independently, it is called the "company's headquarters - main office".

The domiciliation of one's company at the premises of one of the directors is an interesting choice

The law allows, under certain conditions, a company to have a registered office at the residence of one of its directors. It should be noted, however, that this is an officer, not a partner. When the address of the registered office is relevant, this solution can lead to significant economic savings. It is inexpensive and very practical. This solution is very popular with micro-entrepreneurs. Special rules apply. In the absence of a conventional or legal provision, the permanent installation of one's business at home is feasible. In the case where there is a provision that prevents this implementation, it is always convenient to carry it out, however, the duration should not exceed 5 years.

Using a domiciliation company is a good solution

Finally, as a solution, it is also possible to use a company specialized in commercial domiciliation of a given business. The company's mission is to provide administrative addresses to all types of companies, including micro-businesses, personal businesses, and commercial or civil companies. For this purpose, it must obtain the prefectural approval and subscribe housing contracts for its clients. This solution is also interesting and less expensive in terms of a prestigious address for your company. In fact, for some activities, the address of the head office is crucial. It can be a real marketing argument, among other things, to gain the confidence of prospects.

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