Founding a company

Business creation involves managing a team and organizing your time.

Meeting the challenge of business management involves following the right guidelines.

Buying the capital or at least the majority share of an existing business

Creating your online store with the right tools


Creating your online store with the right tools

The creation of an online store allows you to grow. Thus, e-commerce can be a complement to a physical store by offering more possibilities to you and your customers.

However, the creation of an e-commerce requires the use of good tools in order to avoid wasting time and to gain notoriety. Today, the online business has the wind in its sails. To be competitive in this universe, it is not necessary to launch oneself headlong and to start by establishing a schedule of conditions. Using the right tools will help you anticipate the difficulties associated with the project.

Getting started on a project you are passionate about!

Essentials & tools

Three tips for venturing out

Many people avoid starting their own business for various reasons, including a lack of self-confidence. Discover the reflexes and attitudes to adopt in order to acquire new skills and gain in quality for the establishment of a business.

In what field

In what field?

Before starting a business, it is necessary to determine the relevance of your approach by defining the sector of activity.

With what means

With what means?

It is important to carry out a study of the means of financing at one’s disposition in order to establish a business plan.

Which legal structure?

The legal form constitutes one of the bases of the creation of a company, it allows the latter to legally exercise its activity.

PIM project

Actions to be taken via the PIM

The PIM project is an essential element of the business. But it has to be successful. To ease your task, discover here some tips. Understand the key actions to take to develop a program that will help your company create, manage and distribute content. Discover the guide to success for your PIM project. Publish the right data at the right time and generate additional revenue for your company in a meaningful way, with the right tools, as outlined at

Actions to be taken via the PIM

Corporate Communication

A priority to boost your business

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has become the backbone of the company’s growth on the Internet. It allows to enhance the company’s image.

Social networks

Social networks have become throughout the years an excellent way to increase the visibility and notoriety of a brand.

Entrepreneurial coaching to become a leader

Unheard of until a few years ago by a number of companies, entrepreneurial coaching is now one of the most practical tools for developing skills. Following a training course offered by a qualified coach allows the employee to increase his or her know-how and knowledge to become more competent. Coaches help employees, but also managers, to overcome their uncertainties and fears and to fight against the “imposter syndrome”.

Profitable business

The imperatives of starting a business

To create a viable business, it is imperative to follow a couple of tips. Maintaining productivity is the result of a well-oiled strategy to overcome incompetence and uncertainty.

Deposit your share capital

Deposit your share capital

After the project study, it is important to deposit your contribution in kind and cash in order to reassure your partner.

Publish a legal announcement

The legal announcement is an obligation to make public important information likely to be of interest to third parties.

Open a professional account

Opening a business account allows you to save money and obtain a business loan if needed.